Underground Construction

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Gulf Rock offers a complete range of main contractor underground excavation and rock support services. This diversity allows Clients requiring underground space, a direct project partner who is capable of providing all aspects from site investigation to final hand-over.

Gulf Rock is specialised in drill & blast as well as mechanical NATM excavation techniques. The formed cut profiles are continuously monitored by laser scanner and photogrammetry methods and are analysed by task specific software. This allows full control of the as-built environment and helps define design parameters for the next advance.

Prescribed rock support is installed using in-house modern shotcrete spray methodology, rock bolting, spiling, forepoling, pre-injection grouting and steel arch support. Waterproofing and final concrete lining scopes are also offered to supply a complete structure.

With experienced personnel and a fleet of purpose built equipment, Gulf Rock is one of the region’s leaders in the underground construction of tunnels, shafts or any required void in rock formations.